Harnessing the Power to Disconnect Forming Healthy Relationships with Technology

Sheri Damon’s first blog post:

Harnessing the Power to Disconnect Forming Healthy Relationships with Technology

Technology is here to stay: As technology has become such an integral part of all of our lives (schools are using tablets and laptops in their teaching; newspapers, magazines, books, research, social contacts and games are all on-line, etc.) the impact of this “new” way of being is beginning to be researched quite thoroughly. Internet addiction, gaming addiction, emotional overstimulation caused by technology and the inability to “disconnect” are all at the forefront of topics of discussion. As a therapist focusing on forming healthy relationships with technology, reducing tech-overstimulation and addiction, I have found some interesting articles for people to read. This first article is a fantastic introduction to information about our digital lives, terminology and how we have changed in our uses of technology in such a brief period of time and some helpful tips for parents: How the Digital Divide Affects Families, Educational Institutions, and the Workplace http://www.zurinstitute.com/digital_divide.html

If you have young children and are under the mistaken impression that you can just continue to keep technology at bay, then you are probably too busy rubbing sticks together to start the fire for dinner and do not have time to read this blog. If you recognize that technology is an ever-increasing third arm for your child, then resources to help you help them balance their on and off-line lives is essential. This blog and corresponding videos present real life situations, problem-solving strategies and concrete information to give you the Power to Disconnect Forming Healthy Relationships with Technology.

https://www.facebook.com/screendilemma Is an interesting Facebook source for parents with young children looking for support and resources regarding healthy screen time.


One thought on “Harnessing the Power to Disconnect Forming Healthy Relationships with Technology

  1. Heaven forbid I should discourage her from reaching out and sharing with another human being something that separates us from the animals: the need to connect emotionally with another.. From time to time I too speak to bus passengers, especially if we are seated nearby. I also listen to others who seem to be just then touching base with one another. It’s quite miraculous that we don’t have to go through a whole day without speaking one word to another person (which I have done). I always admired a friend who could bond instantly with deli workers or shop keepers, without patronizing and or compromising either of them. Speech is a very good thing for it helps me understand my motivation in reaching out to others, maybe they need it, maybe I need it. I’m just learning to appreciate the value and the gift of speech. To me, small talk’ is an art. Thanks, David.

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