• Talk Around the Table – Family Consult to Develop Healthy Tech. Relationships
  • Functional Behavioral Health Assessment/Family Consultation
  • Program Development
  • Behavioral Intervention Planning

Consultation services can provide an opportunity to identify and assess problem areas, creatively intervene in a wide variety of situations and reduce disruption for someone in need. Consultation services allow for cost-effective, emotionally and behaviorally supportive intervention that can be used in any environment. Support, guidance and a fresh approach to existing programs, strategies and interventions can be provided through short term or ongoing consultation.


  • Problem-focused Individual Counseling
  • Individual psychotherapy for Eating Disorders
  • Family Focused Treatment for Eating Disorders
  • Strategies for Teen Tech. Addiction
  • Skill Counseling for coping with Caregiving Stressors
  • Psycho-educational & Parent Support Groups

Counseling services can be provided to identify and address specific problem areas. The counseling techniques address cognitive, behavioral and mind-body strategies. Family focused treatment has been shown through various research sources to be an extremely effective means of treating adolescents with eating disorders. Strategy development is  helpful for creating a healthy balance with technology usage and reducing emotional over-drive. Skill building and support groups combine energy, creativity, fun and therapeutic techniques to develop or enhance strategies for addressing specific need areas for children, adolescents and adults. Skill building, utilizing principles from CBT, FBT, and DBT, is an effective means of replacing ineffective behaviors. Psycho-educational and support groups can increase the effectiveness of a number of treatment programs and treatment modalities.


  • Power to Disconnect — Developing Healthy Relationships with Technology
  • Eating Disorders
  • Principles of Mental Health
  • Behavior Management & Crisis Intervention
  • Safe & Supportive Learning Environments
  • Stress Reduction/Management
  • Conflict Resolution

Training series, speaking engagements and workshops can be provided to organizations, employees, staff, parents and/or students on a variety of topics pertinent to mental health and wellness, intervention and psycho-education.  All training opportunities combine fundamental information with tools or techniques for implementation. Take-home projects can be provided to assist in professional development planning and the earning of PDP’s for certified personnel.